Genus Electrotech Ltd. - A Kailsh Group Company

Two Completely automatic conveyorised line for final assembly of products like . Televisions, Washing machine, Computers, Monitors, Telephones Set Top Box Microwave etc. having the following distinctive features.

  • 72 Meters and 58 Meters Length assembly line
  • 28 Meters long ageing line for television and monitors
  • Three separate sub-assembly lines for small parts
  • Spin welding machine for plastic welding
  • Salt spray testing machine
  • Fully automatic tray return system
  • On-line power on trays thru Bus-Bars for testing
  • Completely Auto PLC operated FA Conveyor
  • Skilled & Technical Manpower
  • Well Equipped for eco-friendly
  • Outgoing Quality Control
  • Three Gauff Chambers with acoustic cabins
  • Fully automatic strapping machine
  • Auto water drain system
  • Online power meters for power consumption measuring
  • Online Hi- voltage testing facility
Final Assembly LinesFinal Assembly LinesFinal Assembly Lines
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