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Injection Moulding Shop is an integrated manufacturing, offering complete services for commercial production of all types of plastic components.

Having 22 Nos. latest injection Moulding m/cs with a complete range of capacity (60 T � 1800 T) 60T- 1 No, 150T- 1No, 160T- 1No, 90T - 2Nos , 120T -1 No, 200T- 1Nos, 210T - 2Nos, 250T - 2 Nos-, 280T - 1No, 350T - 2Nos, 450T-1 No:, 600T-2 Nos.-, 850T - 2Nos, 1000T-1 No, 1100T-1 No, 1800T-1 No

Having robotic removal of moulded product in the 1800 T machine.

Having Gas injection unit, hot runner controller, mould temperature controllers, chillers of best quality to improve quality and productivity.

Having Good Tool room facilities for mould rectifications & modifications.

Production planning and consistent quality control at all the stages, considered to be of utmost importance in sustaining business success.

Experienced engineers, skilled craftsmanship & latest machineries.

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